As we all know, the country has been experiencing a horrible drought, and with that Saddle Creek has grown quite accustomed to not having to worry about our group bookings needing to reschedule or should I say needing to take a “rain check” so you can only imagine the surprise when the heavens opened up and Hekpoort Valley experienced rain for 3 consecutive days!

It was touch and go for this adventurous group who had been counting down the days to their team build, but after the sun winked at all of us early in the morning, it was definitely a GO. What followed after the arrival of this very brave and enthusiastic bunch, was a day that we at Saddle Creek Adventures will never forget. Our humble Go Karting and Quad bike tracks transformed into what one can only describe as the Dakar Ralley. This incredible team took endurance, team building and adventure to a whole new level. At the end of an event filled day and After getting a “ little dirty” it was obviously a unanimous decision that a simple hose pipe would not suffice and before we could blink, we had our paddocks and sprinkler system invaded by these fun loving customers. Thank goodness we had a camera on hand, because in this case, it’s very true that pictures can say a thousand words. I know that you will enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed taking them.